Winter Travel Essentials – 10 Days in China

After going on a few trips this year I’ve been able to manage traveling with only carry-on luggage. I’ve learned a few things about creating a travel capsule wardrobe and what to have on hand with me in the bag that goes under my seat. I shared some of my tips for a weekend trip, which you can check out as well. This trip is a bit different as I traveled during the winter and for nearly two weeks. Not to mention taking a total of 5 flights on this trip, two of which were nearly 14 hours long – PHEW! 

Luggage: In addition to a suitcase I love using a luggage backpack. This backpack from eBags is my go-to, it can hold just as much as a piece of luggage, a laptop and basically everything on the list above, including a neck pillow and the crossbody purse I’ll use throughout the trip. I wear my my backpack and the suitcase I use is my Away carry on–it’s light, easy to maneuver since it’s on 4 wheels and it has a charger built in for your phone, Kindle and iPad.

Entertainment: A good book (I’m reading this one right now from the Novels & Noms bookclub, #readingcupcakes), iPad, Kindle, an external charger, and some headphones for music or a movie. If you have Apple Music or Spotify, you can download your playlist to offline mode so you’ll be able to play it on the flight. Download a new show or a few movies – I recently started Game of Thrones and I’m obsessed so I finished that on the plane.

Products: I never get on a plane without making sure I have gum, a heavy lip balm – my favorite is from C.O. Bigelow (I use it every night before bed and it lasts the entire night) and hand lotion – my skin and lips get so dry on flights! 

Keep Cozy: I know I don’t stand alone when I say I get hot and cold on fights, so I always wear my Baubax hoodie and bring fuzzy socks. I also like to be comfortable so I wear a soft shirt or sweater – this Abercrombie pull over is to die for, it’s so soft, and leggings.

Wardrobe: To make the most out of my outfits, I am brought 2 button ups, 2 sweaters, 2 long sleeve shirts-Uniqlo has great heat tech options that even have built in bras, a striped mock neck tank and 3 pairs of pants (black, blue and grey). This will allow me to wear up to 12 different outfits based on how I layer them. Since it will be chilly (40-55 ºF) in addition to my hoodie, a reversible bomber, a new jacket from Abercrombie, that I layered to keep warm as well and a tan scarf that will go with everything. Comfy shoes are a must as well, I packed my Nikes and my black Tieks.

Other Essentials: Since I had no idea what the food will be like in China, I brought some of my favorite snacks. I bring enough RX bars and Kind bars (coconut almond is my current favorite) for the flight and to have on hand throughout the trip, and will be traveling with my new favorite, Good granola bites. And because I always seem to need water, I am bringing my small Swell bottle, it will be easy enough to carry around and refill when needed. Staying hydrated is key for fighting jet lag as well! Toilet paper can be an issue in China, so I packed some wipes that I can use and also to wipe down my hands when needed.

Other than that, I packed all my other essentials as far as beauty products and accessories, it’s the same as I always pack, which you can check out in my previous post!

What are your favorite travel tips and packing essentials? 

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