Packing for a Weekend Trip

A few weeks ago I asked everyone what they would want to see me post about and one of the suggestions that came through a few times was how and what I pack when I travel. I just ordered a new hardshell suitcase from Away and have a trip to Toronto coming up tomorrow! So I thought now would be the perfect time to show you guys what I take with me and how I get it condensed down to one carry on.

The first video will go through every single item I take with me [this is your forewarning that it is a bit long] but I explain each item and why I bring it so you can see how I (overly) prepare for going away.

The second video is much shorter, demonstrating how I pack everything into the suitcase. I will link a few of the items that I used here, but if you guys have ANY questions or want to know where to find things, just ask in the comments here or on YouTube. Also, feel free to leave ME tips – I am by no means a pro, I do well I think, but there is always room for improvement, so pass on any helpful tips my way – thanks and I hope you guys like these! Also, if you have more ideas on what you would like to see me feature just let me know!

Links: Away Suitcase (get $20 off in checkout with this link), Packing Cubes, Jewelry Organizer (similar), Small Umbrella – – let me know if you need any others!

Part 1: What I Pack

Part 2: How I Pack

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